Lenore –

Lenore has a power few know about. She can animate the paintings on the walls and read what they spell. Through the riddles, she is declared to be the Heir Savior. But Lenore struggles to embrace her destiny, after she is visited by the ghost of her deceased brother, who warns her of what is to come.

Arawn (deceased) –

Arawn was formerly established as the Heir Savior – the promised hero that would deliver the herd out of their dying land. Along the way to the portal, he was attacked and killed by Sputnik. Now he appears as a ghost, showing himself to warn his younger sister Lenore of her fate. Something about him is off, but nobody can quite place it.

Alia –

The daughter of the Cursed One. She wields strange dark powers, and is shunned and feared. But is it for good reason?

Helm –

Helm is the current captain of the Red Guard and protector of the Ashk herd. He is Lenore’s godfather and bodyguard of sorts, having basically raised her. He is dealing with an infection after being attacked by Sputnik. Despite having limited time, he tries his best to make himself useful until he takes his last breath.

Sputnik –

Also known as The Cursed One, Sputnik is a mysterious stallion with dark powers. His origins are unknown, and he roams the desert causing destruction, searching for his daughter.

The Mars-

The Mars of the Voids is a demonic being that existed since the beginning of time. The Mars is incapable of living without a host. He was split and trapped in the walls by ancient mages – and he waits patiently for a way out. He is capable of possessing or binding to mortal beings, to use as pawns in order to take his freedom.

Sahail –

Sahail is the youngest sibling to carry the pure Askh bloodline. He is somewhat ignored, as his siblings blame him for the death of their mother. Sahail is a bit of a troublemaker, and keeps questionable company. Captain Bess tries her best to raise him properly, but she can only do so much.

Bess –

Captain Bess is the current head of the Blue Guard. Made of pure muscle, she is the tank of the team, and will put the safety of others over her own. Sahail’s godmother.

Odie –

Part of the (Blue) vanguard, Odie is a gentle giant. He is friends with Lenore, and is great at keeping her secrets.


As the last of her kind, Nyla may be small, but she makes it count. True to her lineage, she is an excellent tracker. Nothing escapes her – not even those who do not want to be found.


A mysterious (crazy?) mare who lives alone in the mountains. She is said to have the power of fortune-telling and foresight. May or may not have been one of Helm’s past girlfriends.