A historical fiction set in mid-1800s France. After being hunted by humans for years, mermaids are on the brink of extinction. A pirate captain vows to help the mermaids regain safety in their ocean, even if it costs her own. Available on Webtoons.


The Cast



After seeing how mermaids were hunted, and especially after the Great Mermaid Massacre, Joehnie decided to take a stand and protect the mermaids from her fellow man. Originally from Morocco, she was taken in by Captain Scarlet after her father was brutally murdered by mermaid hunters. Joehnie sometimes doesn’t know what really drives her – is it justice or revenge?


Nilanne lost her mother the same time Joehnie lost her father. Both were killed by mermaid hunters. Most of her pod were killed during the Great Mermaid Massacre, and it was then she decided it was enough. Humans had to learn to coexist, and they wouldn’t do it themselves. Years later, after being caught in a fishing net and saved by Joehnie, Nilanne reunited and joined forces to restore peace to the seas.


Promoted to Navy Captain six months ago, Rhodulf tries to prove his position, and at the same time, attempt to understand his enemy. He is sympathetic to Joehnie and her plight, and believes there is a way to solve everyone’s problems without violence. He is a kind soul, but will use force if necessary. Although sharp, he doesn’t always get the job done, and is often seen as being too weak to lead.


Born to a French prostitute, Thrace was given up to be adopted by Captain Scarlet, who treated him as her first-born. Thrace asked Scarlet to adopt Joehnie after he found her crying alone in her father’s boat. He can sew, and often uses his skills to go undercover and spy on the navy. He carries a branding on his right flank to show that he belongs to Scarlet, and that he is an important part of the family.

Scarlet “Aliz”

Aliz was a housewife until her husband and newborn son were killed in a messy revenge scheme by a rival family. After taking out the ones responsible for ruining her family, Aliz rebranded herself (literally) as Captain Scarlet and bought a fortified ship. She turned into a successful mermaid hunter, growing her crew by adopting children in need, in every port she visits.


Sir Dorrit

A French nobleman who comes from a long line of mermaid worshippers. He aids and funds Joehnie’s plight, even if it means busting his fellow elites.

Gage –

Mr. Dorrit’s only son. He is a little spoiled, but he gets the job done. Doesn’t always see eye to eye with his father, but will do what is asked of him regardless. Usually.

Fay –

A pirate from the Baltic sea with unknown origins. She is mysterious as she is deadly – feared by several countries and monarchs, she stops at nothing to get what she wants. Which is probably riches and notoriety, with a pinch of revenge.

Helen –

Fay’s partner-in-crime. Helen was a travelling French nurse who was taken hostage by Fay, but after getting to know one another, she joined Fay’s crew and now they are inseparable.

Mina (matriarch) –

Having survived the Great Mermaid Massacre, Mina is Nilanne’s older sister and current matriarch of the pod. She sustained many injuries, all due to humans, so she distrusts and detests them greatly. She disapproves of her sister’s closeness to humans, remaining weary of anything on two legs. Especially Joehnie.

Dr. Aggie

A doctor and scientist who is interested in studying mermaids. She believes that mermaids have the power to heal humans, so she does what she can to protect them.


Dr. Aggie’s assistant. She is the daughter of Aggie’s late husband – born out of wedlock. However, her step-mother took her under her wing and involves Louise in her ongoing research.


Philip works in one of the shady inns in port. He sees and knows many things, and might just tell you some secrets if you know how to ask.

Jean “Heel”

What Jean lacks in brains he makes up in brawn. He used to be the top pirate in port before being overthrown by Joehnie, who took his ship and crew. He’s still a little bitter about it.

Captain Olivier –

Having served in the Franco-Moroccan war, Olivier is a seasoned veteran and an asset to the French navy. He lost an eye in combat, and is known all over for his peculiar glass eye. He was assigned the task of capturing Joehnie and eliminating all pirate activity from French ports, but due to his experience, he was called to support the French king in war. He was replaced by Captain Rhodulf.


A bounty hunter and expert mermaid tracker from Louisiana. Hired by the French King to work with the navy and bring Joehnie to justice. Leon’s hounds, brothers Romulus and Remus are a big factor in his successful reputation.

Ada –

Being a waitress, Ada serves as Joehnie’s eyes and ears in port. She despises the French king and his taxes, so she does what she can to help push him out of power.

Misc – Rhodulf’s Family:

Rhodulf’s father was a celebrated surgeon in the French army, and his mother was a German socialite. They had three children, two daughters and finally, a son. The eldest sister became a surgeon for the French army, just like her father, and she is currently stationed on the Russian front to aid the king’s men during the war. The middle sister went on to marry a rich man from Louisiana, and she currently resides in New Orleans. The family was never the same after their parents’ divorce and their father’s suicide.